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Gamestacy is an independent game studio in India founded by Danish Sinha in 2017. We make games and applications for all platforms, focusing mostly on mobile game development. Digital artwork & creation of stunning graphics are deeply incorporated in our values!

The journey of Gamestacy started with the creation of Turny Road back in 2016. With the raise of passion towards game development and clear long-term vision, the company was joined by more aspiring developers. Besides our original work, we started collaborating with other companies and businesses regarding computer simulation, website design and similar development projects.

In early 2017 due to increased volume of work and ambitious future projects, Gamestacy was registered as a company. Our talented team also started working on another original game named Nuclear Reaction. Additionally, we started working on modules and resources for mobile games and other game developers.

With Turny Road and Nuclear Reaction set to launch in early 2018, Gamestacy is set for a bright future with several more original games in development, while continuing completing various game & website development projects.


  • Turny Road :​​ Fast, thrilling & enjoyable zig zag racer with unique cars, powerful upgrades & 10 different racing worlds.
  • ​Nuclear Reaction : Challenging strategy puzzle game with local & online multiplayer capabilities.



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  • “5 things every noob indie developer must know”​ – Danish Sinha, Indiewatch



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